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    cutter suction dredger
    Date:2012Years  7Month  30Day Browse[18689]

          The vessel is a non-self-propelled, hydraulic, whole cutter suction dredger, used for shelter area construction , coastal towage. Adopted advanced technology from Holland and the United States of America IHC company who built the love of type 1600 and type 1870 cutter suction dredger. quality, performance to meet the design requirements, classed into CSS.

    總 長(length 0.A)  44.83m 排 高(discharge height)  5.0m
    挖深(dredging depth)  5.0m 排 遠(discharge range)  3000m
    型 寬(molded breadth  8.6m 航 區(navigation area)  沿海
    型 深(molded depth)  2.5m 生產量(capacity)   400m3/h
    功 率(engine power)  1600kw 吃 水(draft)  1.5m
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