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    Aluminum alloy assault boat
    Date:2012Years  7Month  30Day Browse[18943]

           Aluminum alloy assault boat has the advantages of light weight, high bearing capacity, good fast, sea keeping, handling stability and superior sea keeping characteristics, impact resistance, resistance to sinking, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging performance, simple daily maintenance, the integrated use of low maintenance cost, comprehensive cost-effective, applicable scope wide.

    主機功率(main engine power)  55HP 航 速(speed)  
    艇體總長(length overall)  5930mm 輕載(2人)最大航速(light loae max speed)  


    最大舷寬(max beam  1920mm 滿載(14人)最大航速(full load max speed)  


    艇體自重(weight of the boat)  


    載重量(loading capacity) >1000kg 
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