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    Education and Training among the Company Staff in Safe Production
    Date:2015Years  4Month  30Day Browse[18183]

       During six half days, from  March 9 to 15 in 2015, Shenzhou Company  has carried out the activity of “Education and Training among the Company Staff in Safe Production”, with trainees totaling up to 480 from 14  departments (workshops) of the company and 4 subcontracting teams. The close-book exams after the training indicates that 100% staff are above the average level, achieving good results.
      The deputy general manager in charge of human resources management, and the full-time security officer from the company’s production department, in batches and jointly gave lessons to the training which is one of those that to be implemented in Shenzhou Company within the year 2015, involving the country/provinces/cities’ laws and rules related to safety production management, safety operation  instructions by workers, the safety precautions to high-risk areas of production site, as well as the occupational health management.
      While taking the company’s current condition of safety management and sweeping check for safety hidden dangers in production system into consideration, the training activity propagates and deploy how to implement and rectify the safety production.
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