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    20M Mooring boat
    Date:2020Years  3Month  6Day Browse[15715]


    This steel material inland river multi-purpose mooring boat. Mainly used for push-pull operation of dredgers and other floating objects on the water, assist in the maintenance of dredgers, lifting, disassembling, dismantling, anchoring, and handling of personnel and materials, water supply etc.

    LLoa.:        20.80M

    ͌B            5.75M

    Depth molded 1.80M

    ˮDraft:        1.20M

    ߾Space        0.50M

    ^Navigation area:  A

    ˮDisplacement: ~95T

    Max. Speed:


    mEndurance   135h

    CMain engine:

    2 x 90KW@1500rpm


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