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    ADD: NO. 40 Jiaotong Road Bengbu City, Anhui Province
    Marketing Dept. Ⅰ:0552-3051183
    Marketing Dept.Ⅱ:0552-3051127
    Military Dept:0552-3051180
    Ship construction supervision company:0552-3058376
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          Bengbu Shenzhou Machinery CO.Ltd , formerly known as Bengbu Shipyard in Anhui Province , was founded in 1938 , restructuring of Bengbu Shenzhou Machinery CO. LTD in 2001 .The enterprise is located in no. 40 Jiaotong road Bengbu City. It is a import and export and high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province . is also the largest ship-building enterprise in the Huaihe River Basin , also the production , maintenance center and teaching and research base of Chinese People’s Liberation Army Engineering Equipment .
         Business scope includes: 1. a variety of ship design and manufacturing; 2. supervision of ship building, ship detection technology, ship trial experimental services, ship inspection service agent; 3. old ship dismantling; 4. all kinds of machinery and steel structure design and manufacture of products; 5. hydraulic metal structure manufacturing. 
         main products : Marine harbor tug, multipurpose boat; all types of bulk cargo ship, oil / chemical tanker; official boats, FRP yacht, dredger; pelagic fishing boats and pontoon boats; aluminum alloy boats; mechanized road equipments. 
         various types of products and equipments won several national and military prize for progress in science and technology 
         The company established a quality management system, has passed GB / T19001-2008 quality system certification; military products has passed the GJB9001B-2009 quality management system certification; and through the inspection certification of " class 2 confidential qualification units " of Anhui provincial military enterprises and "weapon equipment suppliers " qualification certification of Chinese PLA General Armaments Department .

    Copyright Bengbu Shenzhou Machinery CO.Ltd Copyright(C)2012-2013 ANHUI ICP Preparation of 05013659 No.-1
    Telephone:0552-3051177 Fax:0552-3050676
    ADD:NO.40Jiaotong Road,BengbuCity,Anhui Province  Tel:0552-3051177 Fax:0552-3050676
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